Khalid Al-Rajhi

CEO, Al-Rajhi Partners

Khalid Al-Rajhi is CEO of Al-Rajhi Partners, Dammam (Eastern Province, KSA) and Al-Rajhi Holdings in Bahrain. The companies invest in financial services, infrastructure, telecoms, real estate, oil, gas and natural resources both in Saudi Arabia and abroad. He serves on the boards of Bank Al-Bilad, Saudi Telecom, and Saudi Cement Company in the Kingdom, as well as at Dana Gas in the UAE. 

The origins of Mr. Al-Rajhi’s core business lie in the Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Rajhi Establishment which was established over 30 years ago with foreign exchange as its main activity. The firm operated a network of 53 branches spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2005 it transferred its financial service activities to Bank Al-Bilad. Today the company's more significant investments outside the Kingdom range from metals and mining (including Petra Diamonds and Eland Platinum in South Africa), to wood treatment (Accsys Technologies plc in the UK), to biomedical companies in Singapore.  

Mr. Khalid Al-Rajhi holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from the King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia.