Riad Al Sadik

Chairman, Al Habtoor Leighton Group



Riad Tawfiq Mahmood Al Sadik was born in Deir El Kasi, Palestine in 1943. He is the youngest son in a family of 4 brothers and 3 sisters. His father was a Land owner in Deir El Kasi. He is married and has five children (4 daughters and a son). Currently he is a U.A.E. national. The Israeli invasion of Palestine in 1948 led to leaving with his family for Lebanon where he finished high school at the American Gerard Institute currently called the National Evangelical School in Sidon. Following that in 1959 he joined the American University of Beirut where in 1964 he graduated as a Civil Engineer.

Riad Sadik started his career in Saudi Arabia with the Ministry of Transportation and was in a short time promoted to Chief Engineer for the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Late 1967, he joined Al Mulla Construction Co. in Dubai as Project Manager for the Sharjah Ras Al-Khaimah Road, and in 1968 was promoted to become the Technical Manager for the Company.

In early 1970, with Khalaf Al Habtoor they set up Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises, which currently employs over 25,000 people and operates in various Gulf countries, and other countries in the Middle East, with a turnover in billions of dollars.

Currently, Riad Sadik is:

  • The Chairman of the Habtoor Leighton Group.
  • Owner / Chairman of Construction Machinery Center (a co. specialized in Construction Machinery).
  • Owner / Chairman of Dar Al Rokham (a co. specialized in Stone works).
  • Owner of Grand Millennium Dubai, a five star hotel.
  • Owner of Rosegrade Ltd. (a UK Services Co.).
  • Owner of Gulf American, Los Angeles, U.S.A (Currently a Development Co.)
  • Major shareholder of Middle East Regional Development Enterprises, producers of High Quality, Silica Sand.


  • On the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Palestine Studies.
  • On the Board of Trustees of the American University of Sharjah.
  • Chairman of Resource Development Committee of the American University of Sharjah.
  • On the Board of Trustees of Birzeit University, Palestine.
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Governer’s Pearl Initiative.