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10 December 2019
There has been demonstrable progress in women’s regional workforce engagement and success, with women taking the lead in many key economic sectors. However, women continue to be underrepresented despite this progress, and it is evident that organisations and their stakeholders must take charge to facilitate meaningful change and support women at work.

Led by by PwC Middle East D&I Leader Norma Taki, join industry leaders and regional experts for a workshop on the concerns that affect women in the workforce across the Gulf Region, and the solutions that can be implemented to support women’s career and economic advancement. 

Topics that will be discussed will include: 
  • The latest findings on women’s experiences in the regional workforce, 
  • Contemporary factors that impact women at work, and 
  • The strategic solutions that can be implemented by organisations to support women at all career stages.
19 December 2019
In today’s ever-changing market, global economies are rapidly evolving and disrupting traditional business models. Technological advancements are impacting disciplines, economies and industries across the board.

As such, family firms, which comprise of over 80 percent of privately-owned businesses in the Middle East, need to address these disruptive forces and equip themselves with effective contingency plans, as a simply reactive approach may prove to be ineffective and potentially detrimental to the business.

Held in collaboration with Tharawat Family Business Forum, this roundtable will highlight the role of the board in driving sustainable business practices across family firms. Specifically, it will address internal and external factors affecting family business board decisions, the macro trends changing the business landscape and how family business boards will have to adjust their board structures and decision making to grow in the future.