In observing an uptick in implementing good corporate governance strategies within organisations worldwide, early this year, the State of Kuwait launched a nation-wide strategy to promote transparency, integrity and competitiveness of business organisations, highlighting national efforts and measures to improve the status of Kuwait on the international stage.

In cognisance of this development, the Pearl Initiative would like to convene business leaders and decision makers in a strategic dialogue to shed light on the importance of businesses introducing integrity frameworks.

The discussion will revolve around effective business operations, including:

  • Instilling accountability at all levels of the organisation,
  • Maintaining appropriate transparency practices internally and externally, and
  • Generating evidence of the effectiveness of systems of good practices
The session will feature a panel discussion with subject matter experts who will share their experiences. Contemporary case studies will also be featured, covering examples of both successes and challenges in implementing integrity policies within regional organisations, as well as tips and tools to help businesses navigate around potential integrity pitfalls.
The aim is for participants to leave with valuable insights and implementable and actionable ideas on how to implement ethical practices, along with an awareness of the need to continually improve and update corporate integrity policies in their business and the business case for doing so.