The healthcare sector across the Gulf Region is expanding rapidly to meet the evolving needs of a growing population, a demand for high-quality healthcare treatment, and the region’s ambition to become a medical tourism hub.

This sector is characterised by an ever-growing demand for a one-stop service provision (Using an integrated model), the continuous development of biotech drugs, and increased average life cycles. This will lead to future economic growth and job creation at the sector level and could have ripple effects across other industries as well. As a result, sector-inhabiting entities have adopted a series of long-term initiatives to guide the sustainable growth of this industry and enable its transparency for stakeholder confidence.

Within the healthcare sector, governance takes two distinct, yet interlinked forms - Corporate and Clinical. Clinical governance - or rather “governance in the workplace” - is about improving the quality and security of healthcare provision by and with the help of medical professionals for actual healthcare processes. Corporate governance, on the other hand, focuses on the management of the healthcare organisation and the maintenance of contacts with relevant stakeholders by the management. Corporate governance combined with clinical governance are the pillars of the governance policy in healthcare institutions and enable their transparency and accountability.

This webinar aims to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the Gulf Region’s healthcare sector by raising standards of corporate and clinical governance.