A common lament in small business circles is that finding sources are too few and far in between. With economic conditions playing as harrowing a role as a lack of funding in MSME management, it is important to understand how small businesses should approach funding – and how they can get access to financing strategically.

This webinar aimed to:

  • Explain the current finance scenario for Gulf region MSMEs,
  • Explore how corporate governance principles and procedures can help build financial confidence in a small business, and 
  • Teach MSMEs how they can be strategic about looking for and accessing financing using good governance practices.

In this webinar, we learnt:
  • The reasoning behind why COVID-19 had such a tremendous impact on the global economy, and on MSMEs in particular.
  • The measures that both financiers and businesses are taking to cope with the economic upheaval.
  • The role that liquidity plays in keeping MSMEs afloat, particularly with rents, salaries, utilities, and service providers.
  • Why networking is more essential than ever during COVID-19, and why existing relationships should be leveraged to support an MSME.
  • How pre-COVID business models are being reinvented and re-evaluated both as a pragmatic and an adaptive measure each.
  • Plotting where an MSME stands during the COVID-19 crisis – is it growing, is it temporarily challenged, or is its business model unstable – and plotting the appropriate sources of viable income accordingly.