The size non-profit organisations and the scale of their activities has grown  exponentially across the Gulf Region.This in turn has raised questions regarding the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the sector, as well as the recognition of the potential of the sector in terms of partnering with the public and private sectors to deliver greater results and benefits to society.

Despite efforts to support the sector, there is still room for improvement, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where they have set ambitious targets for the growth of the sector and its contribution to the GDP in the Saudi Vision 2030.

Facilitated by Rana Zumai, Executive Manager for Corporate Communications, Nesma Holding, this webinar discussed factors leading to the success of the sector, contributing to its efforts in socio-economic development, as well as the challenges the sector faces, impeding its fulfilment of the Saudi Vision 2030.

What we learnt:

  • Partnership with the non-profit sector is critical to the successful implementation of sustainability strategies.
  • The global pandemic revealed that businesses that embedded sustainability to their core strategy outperformed businesses that took a bolt-on approach.
  • Foundations need to provide support to the non-profit sector through financial and non-financial contributions.
  • The private sector can learn from the experiences, successes and failures of the non-profit sector when it comes to building sustainability strategies.