This roundtable forum brought high-level constituents together face-to-face to discuss how companies in the GCC are working to attract, retain and develop more women into senior corporate positions and the impact it has on their business. The Pearl Initiative used this even as a platform to launch its latest report: “Women Careers in GCC: Four Good Practice Case Studies” at the event 
The purpose of the event was to bring together high-level constituents face-to-face for a dynamic discussion on how businesses in the Gulf Region can attract, retain and develop more women into senior corporate positions. The Forum was attended by approximately 60 executives from public and private companies, family firms, academia, state-owned entities and semi-government bodies from Oman and other Gulf countries.

The event hosted a vibrant panel representing the companies who participated in the case study report, GE Olayan Group and PDO.  This was followed by a question that was posed to the audience on what priorities CEOs should focus on.

Keynote speaker: Mr Raoul Restucci, Managing Director, Petroleum Development Oman

Key takeaways from the event
  • Long-term investment in women in the workplace has shown to increase retention
  • Organisations should break stereotypes by hiring women in unconventional positions.
  • It is key to build women’s confidence. This is best done not only by training but by building a supportive working environment.
  • Senior management must monitor the implementation of policies to ensure effectiveness.