Mr. Jamal Fakhro from KPMG held a session with students from Ahlia University about how their business practices promote sustainability and correspond to the Pearl Initiative’s Business Pledge initiative.
Mr. Fakhro spoke about the establishment of the Jassim Fakhro Fund, which focuses on empowering Bahraini youth through professional education and technical qualifications, and to create and promote avenues for professional finance-focused education to develop Bahrain’s human capital. This initiative is implemented across KPMG in three areas:
1. Learning & Development/Training;
2. Bahrainization strategies; and
3. Corporate Citizenship strategies.
This initiative is thus a core part of KPMG’s personnel development practices, and of responsible community development and citizenship commitments.
KMPG has used this initiative to help young Bahrainis graduate from professional educational programmes, with approximately 200 youths supported in the last 3 years. These graduates are not required to remain employed at KMPG after they get their qualifications: indeed, many graduates have gone on to become successful industry leaders across Bahrain outside KPMG. The result of this educational support is ultimately not to benefit KPMG alone, but the Bahraini economy and labour force as a whole.