The Pearl Initiative, in collaboration with Dubai Business Women Council, is honoured to invite you to attend this interactive roundtable event to discuss the value corporate governance has for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) seeking to raise capital.

Gulf Region MSMEs are innovative and growing fast, but face challenges in raising capital. If applied practically, corporate governance practices can assure stakeholders, investors, and other sources of funding that a business is serious about its growth and success. At this event, join international and regional industry leaders and practitioners to learn why corporate governance is essential for small businesses seeking funding, and what MSMEs can do to adopt practices to suit their specific needs.

Expert speakers will answer questions that tackle the most pressing issues for MSMEs today, including:

  • How can small businesses tackle difficulties in accessing funds?
  • How can small businesses attract and retain the right talent?
  • How can small businesses find the time to focus on the critical issues that really make a difference to the success of their business?