Nesma hosted the students of Effat University to discuss the pillar 'Promoting Integrity’, defining what integrity meant to them while also introducing the corporate Code of Conduct of Nesma Holding.

The Pearl Initiative launched the Business Pledge calling upon Senior Business Leaders in the Gulf Region to make a public commitment to adhere to principles of ethical and responsible conduct when interacting with society by showcasing their best practices to unite students and business leaders to discuss the four pillars of Pearl Initiative’s Business Pledge programme.


The Pearl Initiative team would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their valuable input, time and engagement with our programme:

  • Nesma Holding
  • Ms. Rana Zumai
  • Effat University Staff and Faculty
  • Effat University Students


The Pearl Initiative team would also like to extend their thanks to PepsiCo as funders of the programme, and is grateful for their continued support.

Event Summary  

Event Location: Auditorium, Nesma Holding Head Office, Jeddah

The Pearl Initiative held a collaborative event between Nesma Holding and Effat University on October 1st in Jeddah.

The event was a Business Pledge session held as part of the Pearl Initiative’s student engagement initative, designed  to provide students with the opportunity to engage with  business leaders to learn more about the practical aspects related to implementing sustainability best practices.

The session was delivered by Ms. Rana Zumai, Executive Manager Corporate Communications at Nesma Holdings. Ms. Zumai discussed one of the four pillars of the Business Pledge titled ‘Promoting Integrity’, defining what integrity meant to Nesma Holding while also introducing the corporate Code of Conduct of Nesma Holding.

Ms. Zumai described the elements of the code of conduct at great length describing the main corporate principles and values it defines as well as its scope as a guide and reference for all employees in their daily business dealings as employees of Nesma Holding.

Ms. Zumai also spoke about the Business Ethics training conducted at Nesma Holding which was introduced in 2017 to uphold and maintain the reputation of Nesma Holding for excellence and high ethical standards as an ongoing process to;

  1. Align actions and behaviours with the expectations of Nesma Holding
  2. Contribute to a healthy and respectful work atmosphere
  3. Ensure compliance with established rules and regulations
  4. Report in good faith of any observed or suspected wrong-doing.

Ms. Rana concluded the session by shedding light on the impact of implementing such practices and their impact on the reputation of the organisation before all stakeholders, internally within Nesma Holding and externally.