Strong integrity practices are becoming more and more crucial for organisations looking to lead their respective industries in the current business environment. In this digital age, developments in technology can assist organisations of all sizes in establishing and implementing effective integrity practices.

The “Business Integrity Principles: Driving Implementation for Sustainability” seminar will bring together business leaders and subject matter experts from various industries to discuss the benefits of implementing rigorous business integrity practices, with a focus on sharing successful best practice case studies.

With a primary focus on the voluntary adoption of best practices in integrity using emerging technologies, the discussion will seek to explore the mechanisms and systems implemented by organisations to detect, mitigate, and prevent against any incidents resulting from lapses in conduct surrounding business integrity.

The goal is to shed light on how organisations can use technology to effectively implement and enhance systems and policies that promote business integrity within an organisation.

Further, the Pearl Initiative will introduce the Gulf Integrity Indicator, a tool designed to provide organisations with a comprehensive framework to review their existing integrity practices, with the objective of identifying areas for refinement and enhancement.