The Pearl Initiative launched the Business Pledge calling upon Senior Business Leaders in the Gulf Region to make a public commitment to adhere to principles of ethical and responsible conduct when interacting with society by showcasing their best practices to unite students and business leaders to discuss the four pillars of Pearl Initiative’s Business Pledge programme.


The Pearl Initiative team would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their valuable input, time and engagement with our programme:

  • Crescent Enterprises
  • Mr. Samer Choucair 
  • Skyline University Staff and Faculty
  • Skyline University Students 

The Pearl Initiative team would also like to extend their thanks to PepsiCo as funders of the programme, and is grateful for their continued support.

Event Summary  

Event Location: Crescent Enterprises Head Office, Sharjah

On 12th March 2019, the Pearl Initiative held a collaborative lecture event with Crescent Enterprises and Skyline University in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.

The event was a Business Pledge session held as part of the Pearl Initiative’s student engagement initiative, designed to provide students with the opportunity to engage with business leaders to learn more about the practical aspects pertaining to the implementation of sustainable best practices in business.

The session was delivered by Mr. Samer Choucair, Director - CE-Creates, Crescent Enterprises. The crux of the session was the importance of sustainability in businesses of all sizes and sectors, particularly in stakeholder management.

Mr. Choucair introduced the students to Crescent Enterprises and its four subsidiaries whilst historicising the relationship that Crescent Enterprises has with the emirate of Sharjah. With a diverse portfolio of projects - all of which feature business, environmental, and social sustainability - Mr. Choucair offered examples of businesses that Crescent Enterprises operates under its umbrella. From eco-friendly coffee experiences to electric vehicles, Crescent Enterprises firmly embeds sustainability as a part and parcel of business longevity.

Mr. Choucair then took questions from students about how businesses can be sustainable from the get-go, how to make sustainability economical for businesses, and how to engage with reporting and stakeholder management.