Navigating Challenges in Family Philanthropy

As Peter Drucker famously says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” No matter how well we plan and develop our family’s strategic approaches to business and philanthropy, the culture of the family often informs how the strategies play out. Join 21/64’s founder, Sharna Goldseker, as she facilitates an in-person workshop for Circle network members on Navigating Challenges in Family Philanthropy. This will be an off-the-record workshop, by invitation only for CIRCLE members, where we will utilize a best-in-class tool to learn about key dynamics in families who work together, consider patterns that show up in family systems, and learn how to shift the patterns in our own.

Fireside Chat and Dinner

Inheritors within philanthropic families are already at the forefront of a historic generational wealth transfer, with nearly half estimated to support charitable purposes. At the same time, other next gen entrepreneurs are amassing their own fortunes and are beginning to turn their giving at earlier stages in their lives than previous generations who waited to retire into philanthropic leisure. Together, they have a passion to use their resources differently than previous generations. This led researchers Sharna Goldseker and Michael Moody to study the approach that next gen donors in the U.S. are taking to usher in an “impact revolution,” as they are willing to explore whatever needs changing to achieve real, observable results from their giving and finally “move the needle” on some of our biggest social problems. Join our Governance in Philanthropy programme manager, Anissa Punjani, as she interviews co-author of “Generation Impact” and founder of 21/64, Sharna Goldseker, over an in-person dinner in Dubai, on the trends and insights that she has learned about next gen donors in the U.S, strategies for engagement of the next gen in family philanthropy and even how next gen donors are thinking about raising their own children to be grounded adults in society today.

Kindly note that this is a closed event for Circle network members. If you are either an individual or institutional philanthropic donor and are interested in being a Circle member and/or joining the event, please contact us at Visit the Circle site to learn more about the network. 

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