The Pearl Initiative Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices Working Group members are organising a session on ‘Implementing Best Practices in Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace” on 7 June 2022 session with the aim to share practices in implementing diversified culture measures within their companies.

The session will bring together practitioners from leading regional companies to showcase their journey and practices in diversity and inclusion. Speakers will share experiences, insights, and practical know-how on current structures, policies, processes, and tools they used to drive effective diversified culture and practices in their companies. Participants will get an opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions and learn from the experiences of companies with existing diversity and inclusion practices.

Key outcomes:

  • Learn more on the business case for diversity and inclusion and its impact on business performance.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the company’s journey and processes and tools used to embed and drive effective diversified culture and inclusion practices in their companies.
  • Meet and network with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas and experiences.

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