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15 September 2019
Delivered as part of the Governance in Philanthropy programme, this workshop is designed to give corporate and family business donors an insight into the process of developing a “theory of change” for social investment programmes in order to achieve their intended impact and inspire change in the societies they support.   

A “theory of change” is a multi-purpose tool that describes how a project aims to bring about social impact by helping articulate the project’s mission, strategy and providing a roadmap for impact measurement.

The process of creating a “theory of change” allows organisations to articulate a process for change by identifying aims, short and long-term outcomes and goals, while also examining  assumptions. A well-built theory of change supports organisations in programme development, external communications, and is a prerequisite for effective evaluation of the work carried out.  

* Please note that the workshop will be delivered over the course of two days. 
08 October 2019
A strong and historic philanthropic culture coexists alongside a complex legislative and regulatory framework guiding charitable activities across the Gulf Region.

In recent years, new laws and regulations have been passed to revamp the philanthropic legal landscape across the Gulf Region as well as to support with the institutionalisation of philanthropic endeavours.

In the UAE, individuals and organisations are looking for solutions in terms of philanthropic legal structures while making financial, technical and strategic considerations.

Delivered by David Russel, Barrister at Law, Outer Temple Chambers, this roundtable will convene Heads of Family Businesses and Family Offices and Directors managing philanthropic capital to raise awareness on the various structures and mechanisms structures that are available in order to institutionalise giving within the UAE.

This roundtable will shed light on the legal ramifications for business donors as they embark on their journey towards institutionalised giving.