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27 October 2021

As businesses navigate through times of crisis, corporate leaders have prioritised the digital transformation of their businesses to stabilise and optimise their operations. Data-driven, tech-based anti-corruption solutions are rapidly expanding with potentials. The transparency they enable is critical for anchoring confidence in business.

Organisations are keen on building business continuity and risk management plans, while also re-evaluating their digital strategies to boost resilience and enhance business operations. However, the digital transformation process must be adequately governed to mitigate risks and should be integrated into the long-term strategies of organisations.

This webinar aims to discuss how digitalization can ensure a smooth business transformation, particularly in times of socio-economic uncertainty. More specifically, it will address the following topics:

  • Digitization: a tool for good governance & corruption prevention
  • The future digital trends of corruption prevention
  • Digitization impact and controls
03 November 2021
A virtual webinar on "Building Sustainable Businesses: Encouraging Accountability to Advance Women’s Inclusion, in partnership with NAMA Women Advancement. 

The webinar aims to highlight how companies are implementing women's inclusion by sharing different experiences, how successful businesses make Corporate Governance commitments, and setting Leadership and Accountability standards, to advance women’s inclusion at work.
17 November 2021
The majority of university students enter the workforce with little to no knowledge on the value of Diversity & Inclusion in a corporate setting, or what corporate governance best practices really look like in a practical setting. This could cause major reputational risks to businesses who are welcoming this young cohort of business professionals year on year. 

By targeting this young generation before their integration in the workplace, the Pearl Initiative supports the professional training of this group, so they are aware and mindful of diversity and inclusion and corporate governance best practices.

The aim of this session is to:
  • Introduce key concepts related to identify, bias, power, and privilege
  • Showcase the importance and benefits of being part of diverse community and create an inclusive space
  • Introduce D&I in terms of Governance and Sustainability
13 December 2021
The current youth generation has an increasingly significant role in influencing the corporate social responsibility agenda for all types of organisations. They are entering the current workforce with more social awareness than prior generational cohorts and are keen on establishing a society focused on equity and inclusivity. Their goal is to empower communities as part of their own vision for a ‘business as usual’ mindset. 

Future employment trends will change as youth will seek out employment opportunities at companies whose corporate values align with their own. Attracting prospective talent will now mean that companies need to adopt a good corporate culture. This continuous growth for both the corporate space and the future workforce will generate a successful business environment, one that drives innovation and an appetite for learning.