In recent years, there has been a large increase in philanthropic activity and investments focused on climate change mitigation strategies and initiatives, with giving towards climate causes increasing to approx. $7-12 billion in 2021 (Clim
Background: Family business governance is a system that helps family businesses achieve long-term success and ease succession. It includes rules, policies, and procedures that govern the way a family business is run. Good governance can hel
A roundtable discussion that will bring together members from upper management of various esteemed organizations, to discuss the methods in which they set a high bar for honesty, integrity and transparency across their organizations. The di
A launch event is set for three guidebook modules, meticulously developed by the members of the Anti-Corruption Best Practices Working Group. These modules focus on three crucial elements of Compliance: Leadership & Accountability, Comm
This training provides comprehensive instruction on the foundational elements of creating an ethical workplace culture. It covers everything from recognizing corruption to speaking up about suspicious activities within organizations. Tailor
The creative arts and culture economy plays an integral role in society and is vital to the social and economic fabric of communities. A thriving cultural economy enhances people’s quality of life – through intellectual stimulation, enr

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