A launch event is set for three guidebook modules, meticulously developed by the members of the Anti-Corruption Best Practices Working Group. These modules focus on three crucial e
In collaboration with Jersey Finance, this session will delve into the topic of succession and governance in family businesses by exploring the role of the next generation in Saudi

A roundtable discussion that will bring together members from upper management of various esteemed organizations, to discuss the methods in which they set a high bar for honesty, i
Background: Family business governance is a system that helps family businesses achieve long-term success and ease succession. It includes rules, policies, and procedures that gove
As part of Pearl Initiative’s mission to bring together businesses, decision-makers, and future young leaders, to take the lead in promoting and adopting greater governance stand

In recent years, there has been a large increase in philanthropic activity and investments focused on climate change mitigation strategies and initiatives, with giving towards clim
PI is organising a Round Table discussion titled ‘Diversity & Inclusion Practices in the Workplace’. This round table discussion will provide the working group members an o
This session will be the second in our two-part 2023 Exploring Series, where we explore different facets of strategic giving from various perspectives by bringing in global keynote
Philanthropic capital, when deployed in a strategic manner, has the potential to create transformational social change. Non-profits typically address issues of a highly complex nat
PI is organising a Round Table discussion titled ‘Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme Working Group’. This round table discussion will provide the working group members an

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