The Business Pledge

Ensuring our future leaders appreciate the value of sustainability,
inclusion, integrity & collaboration

The primary objective of the Business Pledge highlights the key role the Private Sector plays in promoting responsible and sustainable growth based on good corporate governance practices in the Gulf Region.

Achievements include the development and launch of the Business Pledge which has already received more than 150 signatories from across the Region. An essential element to the pledge is bringing the business leaders and students together to share how organisations are implementing initiatives in line with the commitment of the Business Pledge. We have held seven Business Pledge sessions to date (in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia), yielding three student-authored case study reports.

Looking forward, the programme aims to expand further and provide an opportunity to hundreds of university students to personally engage with business leaders and observe the actions these leaders are taking to honour their pledge to enhance governance within their business. The students will continue to produce case study reports based on these deep engagement sessions that will be showcased on our website and collated annually in regional case study publications.

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