Executive Education

Learning new tools, frameworks, and methods to enhance corporate
governance practices in the Gulf Region

Business leaders face complex challenges in a world of globalisation, technological revolution, and the accelerating rate of disruptive change. This programme aims to enhance the knowledge of senior executives across the Gulf Region on the importance of good corporate governance and how to incorporate best practices within an organisation.

Achievements include hosting a two-day “Corporate Governance, and Effective Board Leadership Programme” designed and delivered by the Cambridge Judge Business School and the Pearl Initiative. This intensive programme brought together business owners, directors and senior executives to make sense of the contemporary corporate governance landscape in the Gulf Region and analyse how to implement effective board leadership in the context of the Gulf Region. This is the second programme hosted with Cambridge Judge Business School.

Looking forward, we plan to explore how tailored executive education programmes can be offered to support our programmes and to enhance governance practices across the Gulf Region and are looking to engage directly with leading business schools. Additionally, based on the results of a 2017 survey conducted by our partners, we identified Corporate Governance in the Health Care, Non-Profit Organisations and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to be the most interesting and needed topic areas for executive education programmes in the Gulf Region and are incorporating dedicated training programmes into our programme plans. We will look to explore the launch of Family Firms focused executive education programme in the coming year.

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