Anti-Corruption Best Practices

Building communities and resources to encourage the implementation
of better integrity and transparency practices

Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme

According to the Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International 180 countries lost US$1 trillion annually to corruption in 2021. Research data from Gulf corporations shows that 42% of directors and senior management indicated integrity as a fundamental requirement. Anti-corruption best practices continue to remain an important requirement for companies to build a strong business reputation, manage risks, avoid regulatory penalties and build a resilient and sustainable business.

Launched in 2015 the Pearl Initiative’s Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme (ACBP) aims to highlight corruption and the importance of due-diligence, accountability, and transparency in business operations. The programme focuses on building the business case for anti-corruption in the Gulf region and supporting businesses to embed culturally relevant solutions to drive better internal integrity practices.

“At stc, we focus on implementing a culture of sustainable change, making sure we provide our employees with the required education and training to move away from enforcing rules and policies, but rather clarify the intent behind these policies.”

Jaleel Ghani

Corporate Ethics & Compliance, stc

Our key objectives are:
  1. Publish research and insights on developments in anti-corruption across the Gulf region;
  2. Facilitate the creation of collective action-oriented regional networks to enhance dialogue between the business community, civil society, and students to influence behavior and drive collective action;
  3. Support implementation of higher levels of integrity and transparency by providing practical training and tools, showcasing best practices and enabling peer to peer discussions and support; and
  4. Engage future business leaders by raising awareness on the importance of anti-corruption amongst university students through various activities.


Programme Achievements

Launched in 2015 in partnership with the Siemens Integrity Initiative the programme has steadily looked at disseminating knowledge resources, practical tools and building a network of business professionals committed to propagating anti -corruption practices in the Gulf region.
Pearl Initiatives Programme Achievements 2022


Anti-Corruption Best Practices Working Group

PI’s Vision 2025 focuses on our ambition to deepen our impact and drive collective change in the way companies understand and adopt corporate governance in the Gulf region. We aim to do this through the creation of collaborative platforms that will bring together different stakeholders to network, share experiences, and demonstrate corporate governance leadership.

The working group will work towards achieving the following objectives

  • Promote uptake and internalisation of integrity practices by companies in the Gulf region
  • Engage and collaborate with member companies and other stakeholders to address challenges and develop innovative solutions;
  • Share experiences and practical know-how with each other and other stakeholders to support and drive corporate governance practices within companies
  • Develop case studies, best practice guidelines and frameworks that can be shared with the wider community

The working group will comprise of different companies from PI’s corporate partner network who will actively engage with each other to exchange practical learning and have in-depth dialogues on key challenges and potential solutions when implementing integrity practices int business operations.


Members of the Working Group

tamerstcSiemensShellSabicDana GasCrescent PetroleumChalhoub Groupccc

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