Anti-Corruption Best Practices

Building communities and resources to encourage the implementation
of better integrity and transparency practices

Our Anti-Corruption Best Practices programme aims to develop practical tools and insights that will assist companies to understand the value of higher levels of integrity and transparency within their businesses. The programme focuses on providing business with the tools to independently and confidently evaluate their integrity practices and find cost-effective ways to improve their policies and processes.

Achievements include the launch of the ‘Gulf Integrity Indicator’ which has been developed to assist companies to understand and implement integrity practices focusing on six key pillars. The indicator is a first of its kind in the Gulf Region and while initially piloted with a small community in 2017, is now being rolled out to engage companies across the Region. As part of this programme, we also hold roundtable events in seven cities, engage expert speakers, and share knowledge and insight about the practical application of corporate integrity practices in the Gulf Regional. Finally, through this programme, we held a series of case study competitions and have engaged 435 students across 20 universities creating case studies on 123 companies.

Looking forward, the Pearl Initiative will expand the Gulf Integrity Indicator and share related insights and references to help businesses implement and enhance corporate integrity practices. We are also in the process of establishing an academic task force to help guide the programme’s future expansion within the academic curriculums of the Gulf Region’s universities to better prepare future business leaders on how to adopt practical business integrity practices across multiple industries.

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