The panel discussion aims to highlight the importance of accountability from Corporate Leadership to progress women’s advancement and ensure business sustainability.  The session will also share business practices and showcase how companies in the Gulf region can use mechanisms, tools, and resources to support the inclusion of women in the workplace.
The session will present ways companies can make a start or improve accountability measures, by putting in place KPIs in order to follow through women’s inclusion commitments. The discussion will use concrete examples and actions.

  • Highlight how successful businesses make corporate governance commitments and set leadership and accountability standards, to advance women’s inclusion at work.
  • Share experiences on successful business practices which promote accountability
  • Promote different tools and methods of measurement for companies to uphold their commitments
  • Explore how business leaders implement policies to advance women at work and ways to enhance their effectiveness

الأربعاء, نوفمبر ٠٣, ٢٠٢١
11.00 AM إلى 12.00 PM
Arabian Standard Time

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