The Pearl Initiative and Asharqia Chamber of Commerce held a workshop on “Corporate Integrity, Transparency & Competitiveness”. The workshop discussed corporate imperatives for improvements in governance, risk & compliance to spread good practices across the region.

The Panel Session was in the form of a moderated executive conversation, in which the distinguished panel guests shared their opinions, insights, perspectives, good practice experiences and lessons learned on the business imperative and action priorities for ensuring corporate integrity, promoting transparency and ensuring a well-regulated, fair and competitive economy that will foster long-term sustainability, economic growth and job creation across the Gulf Region.

The forum was privileged to host a panel of distinguished Saudi Arabian and international speakers and was attended by over 70 representatives of the leading national, regional and multi-national state-owned, public, private and family businesses in the Kingdom.
The discussion areas included:

  • The corporate imperative for improvements in governance, risk and compliance.
  • Integrity and transparency good practices within companies, and the business benefits.
  • Spreading good practices across the value chain, with suppliers and business partners.
  • Disclosure and transparency trends in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Region and internationally.

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