In traditional philanthropy, donors tend to wield the lion’s share of the power in the relationship with their grantees. However, more often than not, communities that are proximate to the issue-area are the experts in what social interventions may work best and what may prove to be redundant. In an effort to level out this imbalance, many donors are now embracing practices of ‘Trust-Based Philanthropy’; an approach that emphasises building collaborative relationships in which funders are accountable to their grantees, not just the other way around.

This session will explore the principles and methods of implementation when it comes to trust and collaboration between donors and grantees. The third in the Exploring Series, this virtual session will be moderated by expert facilitators 21/64 and will feature international guest speakers Robyn Calder Harawi, Executive Director of the ELMAA Foundation, and Sapphira Goradia, Executive Director of the Vijay and Marie Goradia Foundation. The curated session will allow for participants to tap into the expertise of the keynote speakers, as well as reflect on the learnings with their peers.

Kindly note that this is a closed session. If you are either an instituional or individual philanthropic donor in the Gulf region and are interested in joining the Governance in Philanthropy programme’s Circle network and/or events, kindly reach out to us at

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