Equality between men and women in the workplace has seen some improvement over the last decade, but why is it still important to support initiatives that empower women?

To achieve sustainable development, gender equality and equity will have to be prioritized, particularly in light of the many setbacks imposed by the pandemic. Women’s inclusion in business will not only improve profitability but will also lead to a more dynamic workplace, an increase in organisational efficiency, as well as help create a positive ripple effect within communities.

The panel discussion will shed light on:

  • Gender Equality & Equity: History & Distinction.
  • Facebook’s Diversity & Inclusion Practices & Importance.
  • What are best practices being implemented by Gulf business to promote inclusive and equitable workplaces?
  • Importance of Gender Equality for Sustainable Business Growth.
  • Solutions for challenges encountered in the implementation of gender Equity & Equality.

الأربعاء, سبتمبر ١٥, ٢٠٢١
Arabian Standard Time

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