The Mulago Foundation finds and funds high-performance organisations that tackle the basic needs for the very poor. The Foundation’s strategy is to follow basic implementing principles on how to fund. These include ensuring the Foundation is only funding those who measure impact, funding solutions instead of projects, and providing unrestrcited funds to drive innovation and growth; amongst other successful strategies. Kevin Starr, CEO of Mulago Foundation, will join our virtual session to speak to our Circle network members more in-depth as to how to fund for impact and to take solutions to scale. Kevin will flesh out the details as to how they approach their funding and what best practices can be implemented by donors to ensure that they are optimising the impact of their philanthropic investments.

Kindly note that this is a closed event for Circle network members. If you are either an individual or institutional philanthropic donor and are interested in being a Circle member and/or joining the event, please contact us at Visit the Circle site to learn more about the network. 

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