A fundamental component of strategic philanthropy that is often touched upon is the need to move from reactive to proactive giving. Donors are also wary of mission crawl when it comes to giving during an emergency and are cautious of being led by an emotional response. However, the region has seen many crises in the past couple of years and it is vital that funders are equipped to rapidly deploy funding and resources to alleviate immediate need, whilst still remaining strategic and value-aligned.

This session will delve into the complexities of giving in emergency settings and how it can continue to be impactful, with the long-term goal of developing resilience, rebuilding communities, and allowing human dignity to thrive. Laura Hughston, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at CARE International, will join us to share moving anecdotes and first-hand insights from her decade-long experience working in the development sphere. Laura will also discuss the importance of transparency and accountability as a key component for giving done right.

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