MSMEs represent 90% of businesses in the Gulf region and are essential to the future development of the region. In September 2021 alone, start-ups in the region raised nearly $338 million across 37 deals, a 111% rise month on month. This reform in the market, combined with the growing interest of entities to work with start-ups, intensifies the need to support them with strong corporate governance frameworks.
The focus-group discussion titled ‘Importance of Corporate Governance for MSMEs’ PI will focus on raising awareness on the importance and benefits of strong and innovative governance and accountability principles, for MSMEs in the Gulf region. Participants will get an opportunity to:

  • Discuss and share current practices and experiences in implementing good governance
  • Create/Engage with a community of practice on corporate governance practices and policies

This focus-group session is a hybrid event. Once you register, you will have the choice of attending the event in-person in Dubai, UAE or through a live stream.

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