Justin Sykes, Founder and Managing Director at Innovest Advisory, will join us as an expert facilitator for this virtual workshop on the topic ‘New Trends in Philanthropy | Broadening the Spectrum of Giving’. The session will go over new trends in venture philanthropy and impact investment, such as climate finance, the just transition, and systems change, as well as new approaches in giving, such as impact linked finance, and blended finance, with the Circle network. The key characteristics of next-generation philanthropy along with emerging giving strategies of the next-gen will also be unpacked and discussed. The workshop will explore relevant, regional case studies to illustrate the content and information being delivered, and an interactive Q&A session where the facilitator will answer any questions you may have about the space.

Kindly note that this is a closed event for Circle network members. If you are either an individual or institutional philanthropic donor and are interested in being a Circle member and/or joining the event, please contact us at avadsaria@pearlinitiative.org. Visit the Circle site to learn more about the network. 

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