In the Startup 101 webinar, university students will learn to distinguish between startups and SMEs, understand funding rounds, and navigate the startup ecosystem to successfully kick-start their entrepreneurial journey.

Learning Objectives are:

1. By the end of the Startup 101 webinar, participants will be able to clearly distinguish between startups and SMEs, understanding their respective characteristics, growth potential, and scalability, to make informed decisions about their entrepreneurial path.

2. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of various startup funding rounds, including pre-seed, seed, and Series A through C, as well as the role of angel investors, venture capital firms, and other financing sources, enabling them to better strategize and plan their own fundraising efforts.

3. Students will develop a strong grasp of the startup ecosystem, including the roles and functions of key stakeholders such as accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces, as well as the importance of networking and mentorship, ultimately equipping them with the foundational knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the early stages of building a startup.

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