MSMEs and start-ups are looking for ways to keep their businesses afloat and improve their resilience through unforeseen scenarios. This involves ensuring robust governance frameworks, risk management policies and strategic long-term visions, at the start of business operations.

This panel discussion will feature governance experts from across the Gulf Region to discuss:

  • Key challenges faced by MSMEs
  • Strategic scenario building for early-stage businesses in order to have continued business resilience
  • Establish actionable governance frameworks, policies, and plans, and embed it to mitigate future risks
  • Fahim Al Qasimi, Partner at AQ&P
  • Fadi Sidani, Managing Partner at Governance Dynamics
  • Shaheeda Abdul Kader, Investment Advisor
  • Nick Nadal, Corporate Governance Advisor
  • Samer Itani, Corporate Governance Programme Manager at Pearl Initiative

الأربعاء, يوليو ٠٧, ٢٠٢١
Arabian Standard Time

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