The world was unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the onset, many questions have
surfaced around how it could have been prevented, how it will be brought to an end, and how to
avoid the next global disaster.

In the context of life beyond COVID-19, governments are absorbed by the present – providing
resources to help communities survive, supporting healthcare and keeping peace. Private
businesses are largely distracted if not crippled. Most non-profits are stretched beyond their
limits. There now lies a tremendous opportunity for philanthropists to embrace their catalytic
potential and take the lead in ensuring that the global community can better prepare for the next
crisis, or ideally, avoid one altogether.

During this session, panellists discussed how philanthropic endeavours are supporting disaster
preparedness and prevention. Panellists will also highlight the challenges they face and areas
where there is still much to be done to safeguard the future.

Session Objectives

  • Provide an overview and insight into how philanthropists are supporting disaster preparedness and prevention.
  • Help participants understand the challenges, gaps, and opportunities that exist for philanthropists to support preparedness and prevention.
  • Support donors to implement a preparation and prevention lens to their giving.
  • Support other donors to implement an ‘innovation lens’ to their giving.

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