Ethical Leadership Development

Ensuring that students have a practical application of ethics at the heart of their business education.

As an integral part of the Pearl Initiative’s role in encouraging ethical leadership across the Gulf Region, this focus has been embedded within our programme streams rather than as a stand-alone programme. Several programmes have an element of encouraging ethical leadership whether it be through implementing governance and integrity practices, disclosure and transparent reporting or making a public stand against corruption.

Our Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme aims to encourage and empower future business leaders through encouraging them to interact with businesses in the GCC and understand the good ethical practices that are taking place as well as attend lectures by business leaders showcasing practical examples of the implementation of integrity practices and how these practices mitigate, prevent and address corporate misconduct.

Student Case Study Competition
The Pearl Initiative Case Study Competitions call for university students to research, write and submit case studies on good corporate practices that are  implemented within organisations in the Gulf Region. These competitions help ensure that students have a practical application of ethics at the heart of their business education and also build an important resource of regionally-relevant case studies.

Student Workshops
It is important to the Pearl Initiative and to the sustainability of the Gulf Region as a whole, that when students leave the world of academia, they are well prepared for the world of commerce; equipped with a strong ethical compass. The Pearl Initiative student workshops bring together students and regional business leaders to provide students with real-world skills and knowledge on our key topics that can later be applied in their professional lives.

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