Welcome to the Pearl Initiative
Welcome to the Pearl Initiative
Author: Badr Jafar, Founder, Pearl Initiative

As leaders around the world look toward rebuilding and reinvigorating the fractured global economy, the connection between good governance in the private sector and sustainable economic growth is more apparent than ever before.

With a goal to promote a culture of transparency and accountability in the Arabian Gulf region, and across the globe, I’m excited to say that the Pearl Initiative’s activities are just getting underway. We invite you to explore our newly launched website and learn more about the initiative’s mission, as well as our alliance with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the American University of Sharjah.

As part of our effort to encourage greater awareness among corporate leaders from both the public and private sectors, we hope this site will serve as a knowledge center on improving corporate governance, accountability and smart CSR practices of business activities. I also hope this site will be used as a network to connect future partners of the program.

Stay tuned for updates on the Pearl Initiative’s progress and ways you can get involved.

Badr Jafar

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