Philanthropic capital, when deployed in a strategic manner, has the potential to create transformational social change. Non-profits typically address issues of a highly complex nat
PI is organising a Round Table discussion titled ‘Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme Working Group’. This round table discussion will provide the working group members an
Background: Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for economic and social change. It can create jobs, boost innovation, and improve communities. But entrepreneurship can be a dauntin

The Pearl Initiative is running a session as part of the SRTIP SoiLAB Startup Bootcamp, titled ‘Pitching Your Startup,’ to a group of mostly young Emirati entrepreneurs
A fundamental component of strategic philanthropy that is often touched upon is the need to move from reactive to proactive giving. Donors are also wary of mission crawl when it co

PI is organising a Round Table discussion titled ‘Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme Working Group’ for the Anti-Corruption Best Practices Programme working group. This r
As the challenges that communities, especially women and girls, face become larger and more urgent than ever before, collaborative funds have emerged as a powerful tool to bringing
PI is organising a Round Table discussion titled ‘Diversity & Inclusion Practices in the Workplace’ for the Diversity in Business Leadership Programme working group. This r
The Pearl Initiative collaborated with Al Faisal University in Saudi Arabia, to host a webinar titled ‘Purpose & Sustainability: Purpose of Governance’. Led by Wasif Muhamm
As part of Pearl Initiative’s mission to bring together businesses, decision makers and future young leaders, to take the lead in promoting and adopting greater governance standa

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