Throughout a business’ lifecycle, they can face a range of concerns that can threaten its reputation and ability to operate, as we’ve seen with COVID-19. However, these challenges can be eased with effective corporate governance and forward planning.

If you work or own an MSME, join this webinar to learn all about how corporate governance and strategic communications can help a firm navigate a crisis, reduce business complications, minimise its impact and develop a reputation on which to build future success!

This webinar will aim to:

  • Explain the basics of corporate governance and crisis management
  • Distinguish between a crisis and an issue – how are they handled differently?
  • Define what reputation means and why it matters
  • Align the importance of effective internal and external communications
  • Present examples of good & bad crisis management
  • Demonstrate how to implement effective corporate governance principles and communications strategies to build and protect brand reputation

In this webinar, we learnt:

  • How a brand and its reputation go hand in hand when it comes to business perception and income
  • The difference between an issue and a crisis for businesses – and how they should handle either one
  • The relationship between communication, crisis management, and corporate governance for multiple stakeholder groups
  • How businesses can take charge of their communications: by owning a story and its narrative, maintaining stakeholder trust, and balancing between a story’s short-term appeal and a business’ long-term reputation
  • The five Cs of crisis communication: competence, credibility, commitment, caring, and capability
  • How crisis management and communications play into a business’ extant corporate governance structures to manage a crisis from start to recovery

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