Harrowing statistics and facts from the world’s scientists are demonstrating that human impacts on the natural world are causing more degradation than previously expected. As consumers demand increasing accountability from corporations, companies need to reinvent how they approach sustainability and ESG. This is of particular importance as the recent COVID-19 pandemic is being associated with environmental degradation and the overexploitation of natural resources – both of which are linked to financial outcomes. So what can companies do to embed new and innovative approaches to environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) and take a new stand when it comes to their sustainability?

This webinar will aim to:

  • Evaluate what past ESG trends were for companies in the Gulf
  • Map out the current sustainability needs and examine how Gulf companies can be a part of the solution,
  • Examine how sustainable finance could be utilized and implemented for positive outcomes, and
  • Offer solutions for companies to try new sustainability strategies to facilitate impactful change.

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