The threat of the COVID pandemic across the globe has brought unprecedented circumstances upon investors and MSMEs on many fronts including investment opportunities available as well as business approach. As a result, many MSMEs particularly those involved in trading and export activities have been brought to a virtual standstill. How can MSMEs sustain businesses during these challenging times?

•    The current state of investment sector in the UAE and the Gulf
•    Investment opportunities amidst the pandemic
•    How MSMEs can attract investor appetite
•    The importance of corporate governance in investing and being invested on among MSMEs
•    The investment outlook and what MSMEs should prepare for

In this webinar, we learnt:

  • What the current investment scenario looks like in relation to COVID-19 and associated policy outcomes in individual Gulf countries
  • Government support announced in Gulf countries pertaining to MSME support, particularly in terms of fiscal and monetary policies
  • A comparison of the pre-COVID and post-COVID investment field in the UAE, with predicted risks and long-term impacts
  • What current investment opportunities are available for investors and financiers, despite the impact of COVID-19
  • The likely investment conclusions: that growth and incomes will remain scarce, and debt levels will remain high
  • How MSMEs can innovate and adapt to attract investment during the COVID-19 crisis, and what the current sources of capital are for small businesses
  • The importance of corporate governance in attracting investors and retaining capital for MSMEs

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