As a part of PI’s Vision 2025, PI aims to deepen impact and drive collective change in the way companies understand and adopt corporate governance in the Gulf region. PI aims to do this through the creation of collaborative platforms that will bring together different stakeholders to network, share experiences, and demonstrate corporate governance leadership.

PI will be launching the first collaborative platform ‘Diversity in Business Leadership Programme Working Group’ on 20 April 2022. The working group will offer members the opportunity to engage and collaborate with each other and other stakeholders to address challenges, share knowledge and expertise, learn from each other, and build capabilities to create sustainable change. The working group will work towards achieving the following objectives:

• Promote uptake and internalisation of gender and multigenerational diversity practices by companies in the Gulf region
• Engage and collaborate with member companies and other stakeholders to address challenges and develop innovative solutions.
• Share experiences and practical know-how with each other and other stakeholders to support and drive gender and multigenerational diversity practices within companies
• Develop case studies, best practice guidelines and frameworks that can be shared with the wider community

This event is a closed group event. For further information please contact, or

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