Accountability is an assurance that an individual or an organisation will be evaluated on their performance objectively against pre-determined criteria that are aligned with the business objectives. Ultimately, business accountability involves being answerable to all an organisation’s stakeholders for actions and results.

If you want to implement stages of accountability in your business, use the toolkit and template as guides.

Recommended videos

Corporate Governance Fundamentals: Accountability
A video guide on keeping your business accountable

أسس الحوكمة المؤسسية للشركات المتناهية الصغر والصغيرة والمتوسطة: المساءلة
فيديو إرشادي باللغة العربية حول كيفية الحفاظ على التزام أعمالك بالمساءلة.

   MSME Tools

Accountability Graphic Guide

This graphic guide explains what accountability is, and how parts of a business can be held accountable with mechanisms towards good governance.

Enhancing Gulf Business Competitiveness

Evaluations of the Gulf Region’s economic sphere reveal that much of the business is carried out by Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

Employee Performance Management Guide

This template includes information on how employee performance management can improve the value employees bring to a business through the monitoring of employee goals and objectives.

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