Risk Management

Enterprise risk management is the process of planning, organising, leading, and controlling the activities of an organisation to minimise the effects of risk on its capital and earnings. While risk management will not guarantee that the organisation will not be impacted by conditions within their operating environment, it will, however, provide objective and consistent information to decision makers.
If you want to establish risk management procedures in your business, use the toolkit and template as guides.

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Corporate Governance Fundamentals: Risk Management
A video guide on managing risks within your business

أسس الحوكمة المؤسسية للشركات المتناهية الصغر والصغيرة والمتوسطة: إدارة المخاطر
فيديو إرشادي باللغة العربية حول إدارة المخاطر في مؤسستك.

   MSME Tools

Risk Management Graphic Guide

This graphic guide explains what risk management is, and how important it is to avoid or manage pitfalls in a business.

Enhancing Gulf Business Competitiveness

Evaluations of the Gulf Region’s economic sphere reveal that much of the business is carried out by Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

Risk Management Guide

This template includes information and guidelines on effectively managing risks that impact an organisation’s objectives, goals, and successes.

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